Accueil EN OLD – MDY


MDY for Month Day Year, today’s date, materialising our relationship to time and space.
MDY is a publication, a transversal media questioning innovation through fashion, philosophy, design, culture, art and technology.
MDY is a laboratory, a portal between paper and digital, offering a virtual, augmented and forever augmentable experience through a smartphone application. You will be notified of new available explorations and possibilities as they come out.
In between a book and a magazine, this 272-page publication, with no classical advertising, questions the notion of expiration and iterates around new creative communication systems.
Prefaced by the Italian philosopher Emanuele Coccia, this first issue of MDY questions our relation to « Phantasm ».

MDY features three long fashion series under the artistic direction of Pierre P. Marchal, captured by Fiona Torre, Kapturing and Axel Morin.

The issue deals with questions of diversity and inclusion in the fashion industry, through encounters with Kevin Germanier, Botter, Jenke Ahmed Tailly and  model agency The Claw.

MDY invites philosophers Marie Schiele, Emanuele Coccia and Xavier Pavie to explore the notion of Phantasm through contemporary myths, nature and spiritual exercises. 

MDY challenges content and form of design of objects surrounding us through a dystopian series curated by Paf Atelier, and questions typographic creation with Peter Bil’ak, Margaux Lévèque, Bureau Brute and Julien Priez.

MDY investigates the contemporary problematics of Better living, producing and being: a manifesto editor’s letter exploring the notion of Collapsology and how to think beyond.
Stéphanie Chayet evokes psychedelic healing substances. Pascaline Potdevin deciphers the era of dystopia in tv shows. Thomas Erber proposes a physiological resistance manual. And Vincent Edin shares his worries about hyper consumption.

Considering art as a transversal value, MDY diffuses it through the curation of Pierre P. Marchal. The cover and cover pages, commissioned by the British artist Gill Button, reinterpret the tale of Icarus.
Thanks to a principle of parallel exhibition, eight contemporary artists express complementary artistic visions to the written articles:
Christina Zimpel (painting), Axel Morin (video), James Tolich, Laurent Tacco and Robin Plus (photography), Jack Rusher(3D creation), Clovis Le Feu (illustration).

MDY gathers reflections about our relationship to technology, its benefits, its limits and applications: Fabrice Starzinskas wonders if we haven’t – actually – thought it all wrong with our blind and bulimic quest for technological solutions, Xavier Pavie explains his approach to responsible innovation, Fab Fungus, Entangled Others and WK Studio (three media art studios) celebrate nature through their practice of digital artistry.

Initiated by Noémie Balmat,
in a beta version published early 2019,
under the name of
Futur404, this hybrid
project becomes
Month Day Year in 2021.

Public price: 35 €

Dimensions: 94,5 x 130 inches

Pages: 272 pages

Distribution: international,
online and specialised bookstores

Languages: french and english translation

First edition: 1000 copies

Bi-annual: February and September

First publication: February 2021


This object is part of the research and development laboratory of the Month Day Year group, interdisciplinary and independent collective aiming at influencing the inside of creative and cultural industries, to inspire change beyond.

MDY – the Mag/Book, expresses itself between an editorial, technological and creative pole.

The editorial pole is co-directed by Noémie Balmat, conscious speaker, consultant in the luxury and fashion industries, and founder of Month Day Year, and Caroline Hamelle, independent journalist and author, specialised in topics related to the fashion industry.

The creative direction is assured by Pierre P. Marchal, instigator of, the Instagram never ending moodboard, and founder of JPPM, a studio of artistic direction and curation developing print and digital solutions in the universes of fashion and art.

The technological pole is directed and developed by Fabrice Starzinskas, creative technologist operating between media art, creative production and teaching. He places the process and interdependencies at the heart of his research of resilient approaches of creativity.


Mehdi Bizien, Lisa Boostani, Gill Button, Emanuele Coccia, Andre Cueto Saavedra, Christopher Dessus, Vincent Edin, Thomas Erber, Maud Gabrielson, Simon Geringer, Yumiko Hikage, Kapturing, Lauren Kennedy Malpas, Clovis le Feu,  Aurélia Liansberg, Axel Morin, Paf studio, Prof. Xavier Pavie, Robin Plus, Pascaline Potdevin, Juan Camilo Rodriguez, Jack Rusher, Dr. Marie Schiele, James Tolich, Fiona Torre, Augustin Vermot, Aurèce Vettier, Paul White
and Christina Zimpel.